We will be relocating to 254 North Fullerton Avenue in Montclair on July 28, 2014. Hope to see you soon in our new studio.

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Our Mission
MountainWall Massage Works was founded by Mark and Sandra Montimurro in September 2004. Our mission is simple but profound: We want to make people feel better. Life is a difficult, yet ultimately rewarding, journey. It might be compared to scaling ”the wall of a mountain“. The name ”MountainWall“ supports the journey by suggesting strength, durability, physical challenge and commitment.

* * * * * * * *

The four elements of life are also a vital part of our mission, as they confirm the connection we all have with the natural, physical world:

  • air AIR - Vision, voice and free movement
  • fire FIRE - Passion, will, desire
  • water WATER - Feeling, reflection, receptivity
  • earth EARTH - Strength and patience